AMWatch: Corona hits Nordic PE and VC

Joachim Høegh-Krohn, CEO of Argentum

Argentum is interviewed by AMWatch, a news outlet focusing on Nordic asset management, about our State of Nordic Private Equity 2019While last year was a healthy year for Nordic private equity and venture capital, the prognosis for 2020 is corona-riddled. Argentum’s CEO, Joachim Høegh-Krohn, still expects activity to bounce back and most PE firms to weather the storm.

In the interviews, Høegh-Krohn expresses his hopes that governments succeed in their efforts to stimulate the economy and not least the consumer demand once the healthcare crisis has passed.

“If – and that’s a big if – this succeeds, we should see a strong rebound. That could push the investment activity up again as soon as the second half of 2020. Investment activity was low for several years following the financial crisis,” he says.

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