E24: – 2023 will be a fantastic year for investments

E24 recently wrote about Argentum’s newly published market report for 2022, The State of the Nordic Private Equity.

“2022 was a year where things normalized. After the pandemic, there were so many delayed plans that had accumulated, creating a catch-up effect that made 2021 an extreme year,” Langeland tells E24.

The high activity continued well into 2022, but uncertainty hit the industry hard in the second half.

“There was a significant difference in activity between the first and second half of last year,” Langeland tells E24.

Nevertheless, the CEO of Argentum sees opportunities in the market:

“These are good times for making investments, both for us and others. I believe 2023 will be a fantastic vintage, a good year for making investments with low entry prices and opportunities for making good deals in the secondary market.”

Read the full interview (in Norwegian) at E24 here.