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Argentums kontor i Oslo

Argentum’s investor relations team is located at Argentum’s Oslo office. Photo: Ilja C. Hendel

Argentum seeks to be the preferred partner for professional investors in small- and mid-cap private equity funds in Western Europe.

Our well-established business model has evolved through our 20-year history and is considered key to our successful endeavours in private equity investing.

Since its inception, Argentum has invested in excess of EUR 2.2 bn in over 250 funds and indirectly in more than 1300 companies. Argentum Fondsinvesteringer, managed on behalf of the Norwegian state, has had an internal rate of return (IRR) of 16 per cent since 2002. Argentum’s vintage series, managed on behalf of private investors such as pensions funds and family offices since 2017, has had an IRR of 24 per cent per Q2 2023.

The investment boutique model promotes and leverages the specialised private equity expertise, enabling us to identify, access and execute the best investment opportunities. We can offer investors the benefits of our unique network, superior access to high-quality private equity funds and dedicated teams for primary, secondary and co-investments.


IRR per Q2 2023 for Argentum’s Vintage Series (since 2017)


Committed net capital per Q4 2022 for all Argentum Asset Management’s investor programmes

Distinct geographic focus

Throughout Argentum’s history, we have established and nurtured a stronghold in Nordic private equity. Our investment team has established a broad network and holds key relationships in the region, giving us unique access to the best Nordic private equity managers.

In addition to leveraging our stronghold in the Nordics, we continue to capitalise on our expertise and cultivate our position in the attractive Western European markets, including the UK, DACH, and Benelux regions.

Our capital commitments to top-performing fund managers in our core regions prove Argentum’s ability to access the highest quality managers in these markets.

A diversified portfolio

In addition to primary investments, which constitutes the main platform for Argentum’s investment activities, the company also engages in secondary and co-investment strategies with the goal of identifying and executing the most appealing deals in the relevant markets. This three-tier strategy creates flexibility and enables us to direct attention to the most attractive opportunities.

Notably, the execution of the three strategies in the same market universe of fund managers, investors and portfolio companies offers synergetic effects for Argentum’s market intelligence and knowledge gain.

Notable fund managers in our portfolio

Notable investments in Argentum's portfolio

See an overview of the portfolio here.

Argentum’s ESG approach

In addition to targeting high financial investment returns, our long-term focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governmental) factors is an integrated part of Argentum’s business activities. This applies to investment decisions, our relations with investment partners, and the company’s own operations.

Argentum maintains regular dialogue with the fund managers where capital has been committed to fund(s), and we spend time on the implementation of ESG in operations as well as when it comes to monitoring and reporting. We adhere to the principles in the UN Global Compact (link) and the UN Principles for Responsible Investments (link).

Every year, Argentum prepares a report on ESG activities, both with regards to private equity fund investments and internal operations. Please access and read our latest ESG report here.

Read our SFDR Compliance Statement here.

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